20 tips to get you through 2017 – let’s go!

Lets celebrate
Happy new year – Kings, Nubians, Phenomenal Women!

Happy new year!

First of all congratulate yourself for getting through 2016. It may have had its ups and downs but you made it! We all start the year with good intentions but soon forget or fall off the wagon a few months into the year, right? That’s me included, so let’s see if we can stay on track and get through this together. Here are 20 tips to help us have an awesome year, all 12 months of it:

1. Be healthy

Eat real foods and drinks, monitor nutrition not calories. If it comes in a packet and you don’t recognise all of the ingredients it’s unhealthy, If it doesn’t come in a packet, you can recognise all the ingredients and it is made by nature, it’s healthy. Manage your stress levels and have sufficient rest. Health and wellness is holistic. Health is wealth.

2. Be fit

You need to move! A sedentary lifestyle leads to illness no matter how good your diet is. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym – you can just go for regular walks. Consistency and self discipline are the keys.

3. De-clutter

De-clutter your mind, your home, your work space, your life – you will feel so much better for it.

4. Accept Change

Nothing stays the same forever. Accept change it’s part of life.

5. Self love

Love yourself first and accept yourself unconditionally. Celebrate you, with all your imperfections – they make you unique. Prioritise, invest and believe in yourself and your needs. Know your worth and have self respect. No one is you and that is your power.

6. Gratitude and humility

Be thankful and grateful for the people in your life, all that you have and everything around you. Miracles surround you, take time to notice, recognise and appreciate them. Life is unpredictable, don’t take people or things for granted, things can change in an instant. Ensure that your inner circle know they are loved and valued.

7. Keep learning

Life is always teaching us lessons. Everything and everyone can teach you something, Be humble enough to be both teacher and pupil, to learn, unlearn and relearn. No one knows it all – old thinking wont open new doors.

8. Job/career

Think big! Your ideal job does not exist you have to create it. Surround yourself with people who can support and empower you. Do what you love and love what you do. Diversify and do more than one thing, it keeps you marketable. Successful entrepreneurs have multiple sources of income.

9. Take the plunge!

What does this mean for you? A new job? A new business? The start or end of a relationship? Have the confidence to step outside your comfort zone. That’s where your true purpose is. Don’t be disheartened when you make mistakes and encounter obstacles along the way. It’s part of the process and makes you better and stronger than you were before.

10. New habits

It takes 21 consecutive days to make or break a habit. Decide which habits you want to change, commit to changing them and stick with it.

11. Affirmations

Practice positive affirmations everyday (if you have children give them affirmations to practice as well). The law of attraction says if you don’t declare what you want you won’t manifest it. If you can imagine it, you can have it. First affirmation of the year – 2017 is an amazing year for me.

12. Knowledge is power

Knowledge is an investment. There is an abundance of free information on-line now about everything and anything, so ignorance is now a choice. It is your responsibility to find out what you need to know – no one knows everything so never accept blindly one version of information you are told (particularly when it comes to your health). Do your research! Research the internet, YouTube, podcasts, blogs etc as well as the traditional sources of information such as publications and books.

13. Acts of kindness

Perform random acts of kindness. Help someone, pay for something, offer your time or your skills to someone, donate something, volunteer. Acts of kindness enrich everyone and make the world a better place.

14. Practice courage

Do something you’re afraid to do. Break through your fear barrier and take a risk. It’s OK to be scared. If you take the courage to face your fears you will realise it’s not as bad as you thought it was going to be and next time you won’t be afraid.

15. Relationships

Do your relationships add to, or detract from, your life? Are you treated like a Queen/King by your partner? How are you treated by your peers? Do your circle support, encourage and inspire you? Are your circle as committed to you as you are to them? Review your relationships and acquaintances.  Be the director of your own social circle and decide which role people will play in your life. Just know that everyone comes into your life for a reason, some to stay, some to go. You learn, you grow and you mature from every experience.

16. Self reflect

Think back to scenarios and situations that happened last year. Every experience has a lesson. What happened and why? Be aware of your own shortcomings. Remember everyone’s journey is different. What would you do differently? Are you willing to change? What did you learn? Are you evolving?

17. Communication

Find your voice and speak your truth but be mindful. In this world of social media and messaging services we have an insight into other people’s worlds and can interact like never before. Remember words have power – THINK before you speak or write – is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary, is it Kind? Learn to listen as well as talk. Both are equally important.

18. Forgiveness

Practice forgiveness even to those who are not sorry for what they have done. It will heal you and that’s all that matters.

19. Socialise

Socialise on and off-line! It’s great to interact with people on social media but don’t neglect meeting up and interacting with people in real life. Take in some culture. There is lot’s out there to see, do and learn. You never know where a meeting or a conversation will take you.

20 Manifest your dreams

Do something every day, week or month to bring you closer to your goals. Goals require consistent action or they remain empty statements. Don’t break the promises you made to yourself. How badly do you want it? Monitor your goals month by month and see how much you have achieved by the end of the year.

So that’s it. You have 20 tips to take you through the year. Which tips resonate most with you? What are your own resolutions for 2017?

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