Bahamas bound

Natural Edge costume jewellery made in the Bahamas

I attended Top Drawer, a creative design exhibition at Olympia in London last month.   This is an annual must see event for retailers and creatives, which I attended for the first time this year.

My senses were overwhelmed with the amount of creative people with innovative  products that are about to hit the market.  It was an unusually cold Sunday but inside the exhibition was warm from the buzz.   In the vastness of the two floor exhibition I met two lovely ladies from the Bahamas no less!   They had come over to the UK specifically to attend the Top Drawer event and showcase their jewellery.   Wearing lots of layers they said they were struggling with the UK weather.   I reassured them that even though I was a Londoner, I was struggling too, the extreme cold was not the norm.

Their company, Autumn Crop (which means Harvest),  creates statement costume jewellery using natural elements from the Bahama islands mixed with modern materials.   They use an eclectic mix of materials in their jewellery such as coconuts, shells, snowflake ombudsman gemstones, Swarovski crystals, brass, gunmetal and pewter metal mixes and feather and tassel embellishments.      The jewellery is handcrafted – either one of a kind or limited pieces.   The company has recently broken into the international arena after being showcased in Vogue and Tatler magazines no less!   I love the mix of natural and processed materials, this is what makes their jewellery different and unique and gives it an edge.

The owner, jewellery designer and artisan, Chelsea Johnson, says that this seasons range, named Natural Edge is for the funky, sassy confident woman who is not afraid to stand out and wear something a bit different.    The look is quite bohemian and the colours are so rich!   Lots of deep turquoise hues, which remind me of the Caribbean sea, from the last season and this seasons darker colours for a more dramatic look.

If you want to own a little bit of the Bahamas check out their website – they ship worldwide, wholesale or retail.    Me personally – I think its only right that this London girl should go to the Bahamas to buy my jewellery and sample the Bahamian weather 😉

© Elise – Cinnamon & Brown






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