The story so far …

Cinnamon & Brown is an arts, culture and lifestyle platform for all things Afrocentric.  It was conceived from a desire to see black art, culture and lifestyle from the perspective of people who live it, love it, value and respect it.

Why the name Cinnamon & Brown?  Well we felt it conjured up associations with warmth, spice, richness and sweetness along with being earthy, special and distinct.   We aim to be all these things and more.  Join us as we celebrate our heritage, legacy, culture and diversity.


Elise Markham – Content creator and Illustrator

Image by Robert Hooper Photography: www.roberthooper.co.uk
Image by Robert Hooper Photography: http://www.roberthooper.co.uk

I love everything Afrocentric, it just makes me smile!

I am passionate about the positive self-image and aesthetic representation of people of colour.    Driven by a frustration to find contemporary cards and gifts that I would like to give or receive,  I decided to create my own products.  This meant learning to draw, learning how to create digital art and different printing applications to create diverse products.    Its been a steep leaning curve, very different to the office work I was used to, but its been fun!   The results are the Cinnamon & Brown products you see today.

I am also passionate about good news stories. we just don’t hear enough of them.   This made me start writing blog or social media posts to showcase, celebrate and promote what’s out there in the community.  ‘Who is doing what, when and where?’   My aim is to inform, inspire, affirm, motivate, educate and connect readers with informative, thought-provoking, inspirational new stories.

Cinnamon & Brown is a creative collective of guest artists and bloggers.   We are still learning and still growing but we hope you like what we do.

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Keep in touch and come along with us for the journey.   See you soon.


Cinnamon & Brown