1948 – A one way ticket to Britain

Can you imagine emigrating to a country that you have never visited before?   A country that you have only heard and read about.  There is no internet and limited television to do any research on this country.   There are only limited history books or novels about it.    This country is mainly just a concept, forged in your imagination.   This country is Britain. … More 1948 – A one way ticket to Britain

Bahamas bound

I attended Top Drawer, a creative design exhibition at Olympia in London last month.   This is an annual must see event for retailers and creatives, which I attended for the first time this year. My senses were overwhelmed with the amount of creative people with innovative  products that are about to hit the market.  It was an unusually cold Sunday but inside the exhibition … More Bahamas bound

The King and I

The producers of a vibrant and eclectic range of clothes and accessories made with African fabrics are husband and wife team, Sharon and King Solomon (yes this is his real name). I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon who has a warm, friendly and bubbly personality and asked her to give me the background on who … More The King and I