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Love carnival 2
Love carnival – Brixton design trail

If you don’t know, get to know,  because the Brixton Design Trail is, and will continue to be, a significant event in Brixton’s diary. 

The Brixton Design Trail was launched last year (2016) and is the newest design district added to the prestigious London Design Festival ( – an annual platform celebrating and promoting London as the design capital of the world. Designers from different genres are given a theme to work towards then during the week long design trail, their art, designs and a series of events are showcased in various locations as part of the trail for visitors to follow.

Last year the designers were given the theme of ‘rebel, rebel’ and were left to unleash their creativity around this.    Here is a peek at some of the designs that were produced by Brixton revival and are still available.

Brixton revival campaign
Brixton Revival merchandise in the Front Room, 100 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2 5QN

During the design week lots of visitors come to Brixton to follow the trail, in the form of a map showing the venues where the designs and events are going to be.   It’s a great buzz for the area – Brixton becomes a destination spot for a large influx of new people, including the press, and generates a lot of business for people on the map.

As the demographic of Brixton has changed significantly in the past few years, there was little known about this design trail in the black community, and many of the original Brixtonians. including the business owners, were not aware of this trail or the map.

This year we are going to change that as Brixton has a rich and vibrant black history and continued presence.  The design trail is between 16-24 September 2017 – there are 16 headline acts on the trail this year, one of which is black centred and consists of the following creatives:

  • Alvin Kofi of Kofi arts, fine artist with over 25 years experience ( – @kofiarts)
  • Carl Gabriel, internationally renowned Carnival artist specialising in large wire figurative sculptures ( )
  • Drew Sinclair, multi media fine artist ( – @drewsinclair973),
  • Antonietta Torsiello, award winning visual and textile artist ( – @torsielloartist),
  • Kofi Arts drawing class students –
  • IMG-20170617-WA0001
    Kofi Arts drawing class students
    • Janese Samuels – mixed media artist
    • Sandra Archer – printmaker @afrodecosta
    • Dee Lawrence – mixed media artist @artandpatterns
    • Natasha Campbell – mixed media and digital artist @imagoire
    • Elise Markham – illustrator and digital artist @cinnamonandbrown
    • details of the remaining artists to follow

The overall theme of the design trail this year is ‘Love is power’.   A great way for our group to express our interpretation of  this theme is through our experience of carnival where people and communities come together to celebrate our culture, wear costumes, dance, drink and have fun.

The aim of the ‘love carnival’ group within the Brixton Design Trail is to celebrate the music, craft and creativity of carnival, the people who make it happen and the love and laughter it brings.   We also aim to showcase and celebrate the African and Caribbean experience and our contribution to Brixton and the wider community.

Here is a sneak peak at some of Kofi Arts students’ work for the trail:

The following black owned businesses will be hosting the ‘love carnival’ trail and our love carnival map is attached to give you a head start!  Stay tuned for specific dates and times of events:

  • The Front Room, 100 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2 5QN
  • Black Cultural Archives, 1 Windrush Square, Brixton, SW2 1EF
  • Pure Vinyl Records, 248 Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 8FR
  • Diverse Gifts, 390 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF
  • Adornment 365, 81 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2 5TN
  • Sackville Travel, 203  Stockwell Road, Brixton, SW9 9SL
  • Gida Collective, 55 Loughborough Road, Fiveways, Brixton, SW9 7TB
love carnival map
Love carnival trail map

Events will include launch parties (yes more than one), talks, DJ jams and workshops on various design techniques from wire sculpture and lino-cut prints to live body art.   You will see masks, sculptures and costumes and will be able to see as well as buy collectable art and merchandise celebrating carnival. 

We want you to support our ‘love carnival’ campaign by coming down to Brixton and following the design trail during that week.  Don’t forget the press will be in the area at these evens and during this week looking for photo opportunities so be prepared!  Wear your carnival outfit if you want to!!

Listen out for more information on the Brixton Design trail.   Please follow the artists above on social media and @brixrevival on Twitter or take a look at – @brixtondesigntrail.  The hashtags for this campaign are #brixrevival #brixtondesign #bdt17 – we want you to follow and use these hashtags and tag us in on any photos you take or write ups you do when on the trail.

So now you know!  Please put 16-24 September 2017 in your diary, spread the word, stay tuned for more information and we will see you in Brixton!



Cinnamon & Brown





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